I ran

Race is a word everyone is familiar with. It is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Our race could be against time, our competitors or even ourselves. Everyone aspires to come first in the end. But no one knows the absolute end. We all just run!!

I too ran a race. It was not any other race, it was so called “Life-Race“. Many were running along with me in the race. I wanted to get better of everyone. I took a good start. I ran hard as much as I could. But still some got ahead of me and some lagged behind. I did not care for those who lagged behind. I cared for the ones who were ahead of me. I increased my pace. Some more lagged behind me. A few others got so tired that they gave up the race and sat beside on a milestone. I looked and sneered at them. While sneering, I kept running. I didn’t halt to waste my time for those losers. I had my goal well-set in my mind. I had to run and come first. I kept running for hours. Eventually, days went by, then months, then years but I still could see some ahead of me. I started panting. I thought to take some rest and resume race. But as and when I reduced my pace to halt, more got ahead of me. Now there were not some but many ahead. I decided against taking any rest. I ran. I ran with increased pace. My skin started wearing out. I grew gray hairs. My lips started drying. My eyesight went hazy. It became quite difficult for me now to even make out how many were still ahead of me. I simply ran. I kept motivating myself. Run Baba Run or others would get ahead of you. I kept running. Suddenly I realized no one around me. I could not see any one ahead or behind me. I decided to stop then. I got off the road and decided to sit on a milestone.

“Probably, I might have reached the finish line.” I talked to myself.

As and when I sat on the milestone to take rest, I saw a young crowd of runners running past and sneering at me. I thought to get up and resume running. But my legs started shaking at the mere thought of getting up, leave running. I had grown too old to get up by then. And suddenly from nowhere, a flood of thoughts overtook my mind:

“Why did I start running at first place?” I asked myself.

“To come first!!” came the reply.

“Really!! How can someone come first in a race which has no finish line. You can stay ahead of others for a time but not for always. That means no one can come first.” I replied to the reply.

“When no one can come first, why are we running??” I asked myself.

“To sneer at losers!!” came the reply.

“Really!! Who is the loser?? Who gave up the race before its completion or who did not come first?? When the race has no completion, everyone has to give it up finally. It proves that all are losers!!” I replied to the reply.

“Really!! Is everyone a loser!!” I asked myself.

“No, Only those who got into this race.” came the reply. 🙂

P.S. Song of the day: “Yuhin kat jaayega safar saath chalne se, ke manzil aayegi nazar saath chalne se” from Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke.

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How I met my Love/r!!

Love – A blissful feeling which “normally” everyone experiences at least once in his/her lifetime.  Love could happen between any two persons who may belong to different races, castes, religions, regions, colors and what not.  And probably is the best thing about love that it knows no boundaries. Here is a story of eternal love which crosses those boundaries, one can’t even think of.

I joined a widely known technical institute in Bengaluru. In spite of it being a well-known institute, I did not want to join it in the first place. I being a “mamma’s” boy always wanted to stay with my family. But since my parents wanted me to focus on my career, they forced me to join the institute and I ended up pursuing higher studies at the institute. At the end of the day, I believe it was destined.

Since most of the time I used to think about my mother and family, I did not focus on my studies. For two consecutive years, I ended up getting bad grades but I had no qualms about them as I just wanted to graduate so that I could go back to my parents. But it did not continue for long. A single day changed everything. It was THE DAY when I started regretting my bad grades. It was THE DAY after which I never wished to graduate soon.  How could I ever forget that day!! It is right there in my mind, imprinted with indelible ink. That day……..

It was the last night of our college’s cultural fest which was going on in the well-lit college’s main ground. I was standing in a queue along with a bunch of my friends at a stall waiting for my “Samosa Chat”. While I was waiting, I started looking around at the cheerful crowd and that’s when my eyes fell on a girl wearing big triple step earrings. I didn’t know why but I had inclination towards girl who wore big earrings. Since she was standing with her back towards me, I could not see her face but her hair. She had done them quite elegantly with those white round pins holding them in a beautiful bun.  She was clad in a lovely orange-white “ghaghra-choli”. I started musing what else did she need to garner someone’s attention. I could not resist myself and came out of the queue to have a look at her face. Since I did not want her to know that I was looking at her, I took the biggest round of the ground and arrived at a point from where I could see her properly without her noticing me.

At times, I feel I should not have done that. I should not have looked at her face but probably, it was the destiny which was pulling me. I could not control myself and landed my eyes on her beautiful face. She was carrying every single equipment present on the mother earth to kill a guy like me, which included, mascara, light orange lipstick etc. I started wondering – “what is she doing in my college?” And then suddenly she started laughing, probably on a joke told by her friend. I don’t remember at all – what happened to me then. I was completely bowled over. I don’t know what struck me but it was not a comfortable feeling. My heart, instead of beating fast, seemed as if it stopped beating. It felt as if the arrow shot by cupid hit right into my heart. I was completely mesmerized by her. I could not see anything but her. And then from nowhere the song started playing-

Tu dharti pe chahe jahan bhi rahegi…

Tujhe teri khushbu se pehchan loonga..

Agar band ho jaayengi meri aankhein..

Tujhe teri dhadkan se pehchan loonga….

Humko tumse pyaar hua hai….

Jeena dushwar hua hai….”

And by the time the song ended, she was not there anymore.  I tried to look her around but she was nowhere to be seen. I came back to my room. And the first thing I did was to look myself in the mirror. I could not compare myself with her but started reiterating lines in my head which my mom used to tell me – “Mera sona beta kinna sona hai.” (My son is the most beautiful)

I could not sleep properly that night as she had taken over me. The very next day, I went up to my friends to learn about her. I told them how she looked. I thought that they might not know about her but I was wrong.

Arey yeh Sonal ki baat kar raha hai….jisne isi saal join kiya hai.”, one of them cried.

“Ohhhhhh”, everyone exclaimed.

“What happened!! Why are you asking about her?”, one of them asked.

Aise hi bas, mujhe achchi lagi.”, I replied.

Achchi to bhai mujhe bhi lagti hai“, two of them shouted in chorus.

Tum kutton ko kaun achchi nahin lagti“, I uttered in my mind.

I wanted to slap both of them right in their faces but controlled my anger and left the place without saying anything aloud. I came back to my room and started thinking about her.

“Ohh…she studies here only!! How could I impress her? If she would come to know of my grades, she won’t even care to look at me? Leave studies, I am not good at sports either. What shall I do to impress her?” All those thoughts took over me.

I did not want to lose her without trying my bit. I came to know of “elocution” competition which was going to be held in the college a few days later. I registered myself for it and started practicing hard for it. I wanted to give it my best shot. I even stopped having meals at times.

The day of competition arrived. I was fully confident that I would not disappoint myself with my performance and hopefully would be able to impress her if she turned up at the venue. My name was called. I went onto the stage with confidence and took a good start. Every one seemed impressed with my speech delivery. My mouth and brain were in sync but my eyes were constantly looking for her in the audience. Finally, I saw her at the door entering the auditorium and that’s when everything in my head started mixing up. I tried to regain the control over my speech but found myself stuck at the word “have”.

“ha….ha…..ha….”, I started stammering.

Everybody started laughing. I did not care about them but when I saw her doing the same, I fell apart. I quickly got down from the stage and rushed to my room. I was deeply shattered as I had ruined my first impression on her. As soon as I entered my room, I closed the door and started crying badly. I did not know what had happened to me but I kept crying the whole day. At night when my friends knocked at my door asking me for dinner, I shooed them away. I was so much upset with me that I started contemplating ways to commit suicide. Finally I decided to go with one but since I was so tired of crying that day, I decided to put it off until next day morning and went to sleep.

To be continued….

P.S. 1. Song of the day – “Itni si hansi……Itni si khushi…..Itna sa tukda chand ka” from Barfi!

P.S. 2. All the characters in this post are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to dead or alive is purely coincidental.

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A Silent Victim

Disclaimer – All characters in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Molestation – A heinous crime prevailing in the society. Every other day one or the other among us becomes its target. Some of us voice our resentment against it but there are others who can it. Some of the raised voices are heard but some are not. Among the voices which were never heard is my voice – a voice of a guy. It has always been a misconception in the society that only women and children are the victims of molestation. A guy being molested is way beyond their imagination. Even I used to think the same until the day I myself was targeted. The day when “horrendous word, I can’t even stutter” sucked all my happiness out and left me its victim – A Silent Victim.

It was the day when I joined a company as an intern. I was pretty much happy as I was about to experience a new phase in my life. Everything was all set for me. I was called in, in my manager’s room. He explained me about the company and then introduced me to my mentor who would guide me throughout my internship. I found my mentor a warm-hearted person. He introduced me to the other employees working in the company. My mentor introduced me to her as well. She, who had been working there for a last couple of years. She, who had a very peculiar smile although seemed nice. She, whose single thought is enough to suck the life out of me and leave me numb. She, who I never wish to talk about but have to because without her this post is completely incomplete.

In the initial days of my internship, I found her pretty cool and friendly. I was enjoying her company. She used to come to my desk and ask me about my work. And after the work was over, we used to play indoor games. The days were passing by very smoothly when one day….

One day, I was a bit dejected as I was facing some issues while working on my computer. Might be, she noticed that from her desk and came to me.

She – “What’s the problem, Abhinav?”

I – “I am trying to get rid of this pop-up screen. Every time I click to close it, another pop-up comes onto my screen.”

She – “Ohh, let me see it then.”

And before I could move my hand off the mouse, her hand was there. An electric shock surged through my body when she touched me. I was flabbergasted – “Could not she wait for a few more seconds before I could withdraw my hand from the mouse?” I could not stop thinking of that incident for the next few days and stopped talking to her for a while.

A few days later, I felt that she might not have done it intentionally and I too could not avoid her forever as we both were working in the same company. I decided to resume talking to her. If I had the slightest clue of the consequences, I’d never ever had made that decision. That decision turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

I – “Hey!! How are you, SHE (You-know-who)?”

She – “I’m absolutely fine. Long time.  Huh?”

And so we were back on friendly terms. Every thing was going pretty smoothly until one day..

One day, she came to my desk and opened a browser on my computer without even taking my permission. And then the worst happened. She kinda leaned on my chair to type a URL in the browser.  I felt suffocated and wanted to push her back right away.

She – “Dekho naa Abhinav, kuch bhi open nahin ho raha.”

I was like, “WTH I could do then!! Shall I enter into the network cable to find out where the network packet is stuck!!

But I maintained my calmness.

I – “SHE suno, site down hogi.”

She -“Hmmm”

And finally, she moved back. I felt relieved but the relief was not meant for long. She could not restrain herself from making any such insincere advancements in future.

One day when I was walking in a corridor, she came from somewhere and hit me on head. I was like – “Ahhh!! Has she gone crazy!! Saala mujhe bhi dard hota hai, aakhir main bhi insaan hun. If she does that again, she is surely gone.

And one day, the limit was surpassed. She pinched me in my ribs. I was like – “What’s the matter with her?” That pinch hurt me so badly that even a few tears welled out of my eyes. I wanted to kill her but stopped myself. Even I did not say anything to her but decided to discuss the events with someone to find a way out of this problem.

I did not go to the management because I did not want someone to lose the job because of me.

I did not even discuss her with my parents/family because I always knew that my mom would ask me to quit the internship and come back home.

Friends were the only left option. And yeah, I talked to my friends, the friends whom I felt would understand me. Most of the times you don’t get what you really expect. I was shocked to hear the responses from my friends.

Male Friend 1: How does she look like, man!!

Male Friend 2: Don’t tell me – you don’t like her.

Male Friend 3: Are you normal? Are you straight?

Male Friend 4: Ohh, somebody is getting attention!!

None of them took me seriously. More worse came when I talked to my female friends.

Female Friend 1: Do you think you could impress me by making me believe that someone is hitting on you!! (I was like – “Has God created a single girl on this holy earth with a single piece of meat residing at the top of the head, popularly known as BRAIN“)

Female Friend 2: Can we talk about it later? I’ve more serious issues in my life.

I felt completely devastated on hearing my friends’ responses. I went into the deep state of depression sensing that no one could ever sense my problem. Doctors called it “Major Depressive Disorder” but I knew what was it.

It was “SHE-O-PHOBIA”.

P.S. – Song of the Day – “Marzi se jeene ki bhi main, kya tum sabko marzi doon!!” from Rockstar.

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Just TUM!!

Disclaimer: This post is not targeted at any language spoken across the globe. This post is not written to promote or demote any language. It is just a fun post and should be read just for fun. This post is dedicated to the loved ones in your life – Just TUM!! 😀

I am residing in Hyderabad where mostly people speak three languages – Telugu, English or Hindi. I am not considering Hyderabadi a language here, its more a kind of dialect for me. All three languages are beautiful and are close to my heart. All three languages are full of words but it could be the case that a language does not have a word in it which the other language possesses. And I believe, the power of “TUM” is missing in English and Telugu as they both don’t have its translation.

A wife is in the kitchen and is cooking food. The husband is resting on the couch in front of a TV and is watching cricket. The wife needs help from her husband and calls her.

Situation 1: The wife is angry over her husband and communicates the same over words.

English Wife to English Husband: You come here.

Telugu Wife to Telugu Husband: Nuvu raa raa be.

Hindi Wife to Hindi Husband: Tu idhar aa be.

The Husband – &@#$!&@#!@J#& (Encrypted)

Situation 2: The wife is respectful towards her husband and communicates the same over words.

English Wife to English Husband: N/A.

Telugu Wife to Telugu Husband: Meeru randi.

Hindi Wife to Hindi Husband: Aap idhar aaiye ji.

The Husband – NOOOOO.

Situation 3: The wife is doting on her husband and communicates the same over words.

English Wife to English Husband: N/A.

Telugu Wife to Telugu Husband: N/A.

Hindi Wife to Hindi Husband: TUM idhar aao naa.

I am telling you even if it is the last ball of India-Pakistan World Cup Final Match, the husband would rush to his wife in the kitchen and would say – “TUM ne bulaya mujhe!!”

P.S. 1. Happy Valentine’s Day.

P.S. 2. Song of the Day: “Sanson ko Sanson mein dhalne do zara….” from Hum TUM. 🙂

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I don’t either wish to cry or laugh over what happened in 2011.
It might not have been a great year but that’s not something unusual for me.
2010 was even worse for me when I lost a few of my dear ones.
Hope 2012 brings smile on everyone’s face.
We must live this year as there is going to be no more life after this one.
We must do every NICEST thing this year which we ever dreamt of.
Thinking on the same lines, I’ve come up with my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.

  1. I’d lose my TUMMY.
  2. I’d be more NICE to others.
  3. I’d start practicing MEDITATION.
  4. I won’t react to any CRITICISM which come my way.
  5. I’d be a better SON and a better BROTHER.
  6. I’d get my graduation and post graduation degree. No more JUST 12th pass.
  7. I’d get rid of CYNOPHOBIA as much as I can.
  8. I’d learn SINGING and DANCING.
  9. Last but not the least, I won’t MARRY this year.

At the end, I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.
Hope all your NICE dreams come true and you conquer new heights of success.

P.S. Song of the Day – “Phir Se Ud Chala” from Rockstar.

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Dreams – No one knows the exact reason behind how you get them. Some say that they are just the reflection of some real life incidents stored somewhere at the back of your mind. I don’t second that because I had many weird dreams which I can’t relate to real life. And yesterday, I had the weirdest dream of my life. It scared the pants off me. I have died many a times in my dreams but never felt so scared. This dream was more dreadful than any of those deaths. Death frees you from the bondage but this one clutches you tightly in its deadly claws. I felt helpless. No one was there to help me. Even my parents alienated me. While writing it out here I can still feel the dread of the dream.

I was happy for my friends who were going to get married within a year. They even used to ask me about my marriage plans. And my reply used to be – “Baba, I have just finished my studies. I don’t have any plans to marry for next couple of years at least.”

In this 21st century where children do have their say in the matters concerning their life, something very unusual happened to me. That day, I got a call from my parents who said – “Beta, be ready by evening. Today is your MARRIAGE.”
“Woahhhhhhhhhhhh”, the first sound I made after hearing it.
I was shocked. “Is this a surprise package for me from my parents? When did they do all the arrangements? Why didn’t they keep me in the loop? Is the girl they chose for me beautiful?” such questions thronged my mind.
Maine to kabhi us ladki ko dekha hi nahin. Aur apne mujhe use kabhi dikhaya bhi nahin!!“, I uttered.
“We don’t want to hear any questions from you. Just be ready by evening.”, my parents replied.
Aap suno to sahi. Main aapki pasand ki ladki se shaadi kar loonga par mujhe 2 saal to aazad rehne do.”, I pleaded.
“No more arguments. Our decision is final.”
And when they were about to hang up the phone, I asked in low voice – “Achcha ladki ke ghar ka pata to de do.”
They hung up the phone after giving me her address.

“Saala doston ko 2 saal tak bola tha ki shaadi nahin karunga. Woh baat bhi jhoothi ho gayi. I don’t care – baat jhoothi ho gayi to ho gayi but saala mujhe 2 saal to chen se jeene do”, I contemplated.

Saari umra hum mar mar ke jee liye,
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do jeene do.
Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain.
Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again.

I went hurriedly to that girl’s house who I was about to marry. Their house was a two-storey building. I asked about the girl from someone at the entrance. “She is upstairs in a room right to the stairs.”, someone replied.
I reached upstairs after being properly guided. When I was about to enter the room right to the stairs, I saw the backside of a lady folding a bunch of clothes strewn on the bed.
She was wearing a pink gown with a ribbon tied at the backside. She had lots of red-colored bangles in her hand.
“Hey bhagvan, aage se bhi dikhne mein sahi ho!!”, I prayed to God.
I nervously knocked at the door. She quickly turned around but her hair did not float in the air as she had already tied them into a beautiful bun.
She was good looking but not close to the one I ever dreamt of. She had the looks of a newly married woman. She had lovely red lipstick on her lips with big jhumkas(earrings) hanging from her earlobes. A red long bindi on her forehead was looking pretty beautiful.
“Who are you?”, she asked me.
This was the second non-electric shock I got that day.
“Saala, isne bhi aaj tak mujhe nahin dekha. Yeh ho kya raha hai??”, I thought.
Tumhara hone waala PATI“, I replied in desperation.
“Hmmmm…”, she murmured and started advancing towards me.
She wore a weird smile on her face as if she got the BAKRA she was searching all her life.
I got a bit tensed anticipating her next move. She stood next to me and raised her right hand to the level of my head.
Height to apan donon ki lagbhag barabar hai“, she said after matching our heights.
I calmed down a bit and smiled faintly.
Haan woh to hai.” I replied lowering down my head in consent.
She kept staring at me through her kohl-ladened eyes. I was feeling discomforted because of her stare.
Main yeh shaadi nahin kar sakta.“, I somehow uttered.
She did not say a word for a minute. Instead, she brought her face close to my face.
And then on my neck, around three or four times, she kissed gently.
I felt as if some lightning struck me and I went numb and dumb.
I looked at her for a few seconds and she too kept looking back at me.
My brain went blank. (Even now I am unable to recall what I might be thinking then. I can just feel the wave those pecks created and which plunged into my body.)
I could not stand her look and went away without uttering a single more word.
When I was on my way home, I could not decipher what those pecks did to me. At that instant, the feeling I had was of a mixed sort. It was like a person laughing and crying at the same time. I was almost ready to marry her but still kept thinking, “Shaadi to main usse kar loonga but yaar 2 saal tak shaadi postpone nahin ho sakti kya?
And that was the point when somewhere the song started playing:
“Bandh Gaya Patta Dekho Ban Gaya Kutta,
Bandh Ishq Ka Patta Dekho Ban Gaya Kutta.”

P.S. 1. Song of the Day – “Bahut pyaar karte hain tumko sanam” from Sajan.
P.S. 2. All characters in this post are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to dead or alive is purely coincidental.

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फूल खिलते हैं बहारों का समां होता है,
ऐसे ही मौसम में तो प्यार जवां होता है ||

छददू के हृदय में भी प्रेम उमड़ने लगा था| उसके भी तन बदन में प्रेम के फुव्वारे फूटने लगे थे| जिस पुरुष का ध्यान कभी कभार पुस्तकों से हटता था| आज उसी का ध्यान पुस्तकों में लगता ना था|

हर पल अब तो उसके मस्तिष्क में शाहरुख़ खान की चित्रकथा का वही गाना गुनगुनाया करता था –

किताबें बहुत सी पढ़ी होंगी तुमने
मगर कोई चेहरा भी तुमने पढ़ा है
पढ़ा है मेरी जान नजर से पढ़ा है
बता मेरे चेहरे पे क्या क्या लिखा है||

छददू भले ही कैसा हो किन्तु उसकी पसंद लाजवाब थी| अपने दिल में जगह दी भी तो किसे!!
अपनी ही कक्षा की एक छात्रा – वन एंड ओनली “SHEELA BHALOTIA”

Hey Hey,
I know you want but you never gonna get it…. तेरे हाथ कभी ना आनी
माने ने माने कोई दुनिया यह सारी मेरी इश्क की है दीवानी
अब दिल करता है हौले हौले से मैं खुद को गले लगाऊं
किसी और की मुझको जरूरत क्या मैं तो खुद से प्यार जताऊँ
What’s my name?? What’s my name??
My name is Sheela….Sheela Bhalotia

एक दिन शाम के समय जब शीला कहीं दूर किसी पेड़ के सहारे बैठे किसी पुस्तक का अवलोकन कर रही थी| तभी किसी दिशा से आ रहे छददू की नज़र उस पर पड़ी| उसके तत्पश्चात क्या!! छददू के मस्तिष्क में खलबली होनी लगी कि किस प्रकार शीला से वार्ता की जाए|
अधिकतर ऐसी परिस्थितियों में छददू का दिमाग काम करना बन्द कर देता था| उस दिन भी कुछ अनोखा नहीं हुआ| जब उसे आभास हुआ कि वह और कुछ नहीं सोच सकता तब वह दबे पैर पेड़ की ओर चला|

पेड़ के पीछे पहुँचने के बाद एक दम से चिल्लाया – “भाऊऊऊऊऊऊ”|
शीला का तो मानो दिल ही बहार निकल आया हो| उसके हाथों में जो पुस्तक थी वोह हवा में उड़ चली और वह स्वयं धरती पर| उस दृश्य को देखकर छददू स्वयं धरती पर लोटपोट होने लगा| थोड़ी देर बाद जब शीला का दिल पुनः स्वाभाविक गति से दौड़ने लगा, तब वह अपने सिर में लगी मिटटी झड़काते हुए बोली – “यह क्या मजाक है!! हमें ऐसी चीज़ें बिलकुल भी पसंद नहीं हैं|”
“वैसे भी हम अभी हिटलर की आत्मकथा पढ़ रही थीं| उसके कारण हमारा मस्तिष्क पहले से ही अत्यंत गर्म है और ऊपर से छददू तुम|”
किसी प्रकार छददू अपने वस्त्रों को झड़काता हुआ ऊपर उठा और बोला – “Sorry, SheelaJi. I am really sorry”
“मुझे नहीं पता था की आप हिटलर की आत्मकथा का पाठन कर रही हैं, अन्यथा मैं ऐसी गलती कदापि नहीं करता|”
“शीलाजी आप मुझसे नाराज़ तो नहीं हैं ना??” – छददू
“ऐसी बात नहीं है किन्तु अगली बार से हमारे साथ ऐसा मजाक ना करना|” – शीला
Pakka Promise SheelaJi.” – छददू
“वैसे आपकी आज्ञा हो तो मैं आपको कुछ सुनना चाहता था”
“अभी??” – शीला
“आपको कुछ खास काम है क्या?” – छददू
“नहीं ऐसी बात तो नहीं है| सुनाओ क्या सुनना चाहते हो!” – शीला
“वैसे आपने वोह तो सुना ही होगा..” – छददू
“The Dialogue of Devdas – बापू जी ने कहा घर छोड़ दो..फिर माँ ने कहा पारो को छोड़ दो..फिर पारो कहती है शराब को छोड़ दो…एक दिन आएगा जब वोह कहेगा कि दुनिया ही छोड़ दो”
“देखो छददू पकाओ मत, फिर तुम्हें पता ही है कि हम हिटलर कि आत्मकथा पढ़ रहे हैं” – शीला
“अरे शीलाजी पूरा तो सुनिए..इसे सुनने के बाद आपका दिल Garden Garden हो जाएगा”
“O.K. फिर सुनाई ही डालो” – शीला
“माँ ने कहा अ आ इ ई उ ऊ सीखो
बापूजी ने कहा 1 2 3 4 सीखो
प्रोफ ने कहा डाटाबेस सीखो
आज मेरे मित्र डांडू ने कहा तेलुगु सीखो
एक दिन आएगा जब वोह आएगी और कहेगी
बहुत कुछ सीख लिया….चल बे अब काम कर|” – छददू

That was not over and Chhaddu was on the floor laughing on his own lines.

“वाह! वाह! क्या dialogue था छददू!! मेरा दिल तो  वास्तव में Garden Garden हो गया | हमें तो आपको चूमने का मन कर रहा है|” – शीला

For Chhaddu, the wind stopped blowing any more. He himself stopped rofling any more. He was not believing his senses any more. He felt as if he was not living any more.

“शीलाजी क्या बोला आपने?? एक बार फिर से बोलिए ना” insisted Chhaddu.

“हाँ, हाँ, क्यूँ नहीं!! आप क्षण भर के लिए धरती माँ की गोद छोड़कर ऊपर तो उठिए” – शीला

Chhaddu stood on his feet almost in the similar fashion Hrithik came out of the manhole in Dhoom-II. He brought his ears close to Sheela anticipating that Sheela would kiss his cheeks instead. He closed his eyes and said – “बोलिए ना शीलाजी”

छददू के गाल पर अपने पंजे का चिन्ह देने के पश्चात, गुस्से में तमतमाते हुए शीला बोली  – “बहुत दिमाग चाट लिया.. चल अब आराम कर|”

P.S. 1. Song of the Day – “Musafir hun yaaron, naa ghar hai naa thikana” from Parichay (1972).

P.S. 2. All the characters in the post are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to dead or alive is purely coincidental.

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