A Silent Victim

Disclaimer – All characters in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Molestation – A heinous crime prevailing in the society. Every other day one or the other among us becomes its target. Some of us voice our resentment against it but there are others who can it. Some of the raised voices are heard but some are not. Among the voices which were never heard is my voice – a voice of a guy. It has always been a misconception in the society that only women and children are the victims of molestation. A guy being molested is way beyond their imagination. Even I used to think the same until the day I myself was targeted. The day when “horrendous word, I can’t even stutter” sucked all my happiness out and left me its victim – A Silent Victim.

It was the day when I joined a company as an intern. I was pretty much happy as I was about to experience a new phase in my life. Everything was all set for me. I was called in, in my manager’s room. He explained me about the company and then introduced me to my mentor who would guide me throughout my internship. I found my mentor a warm-hearted person. He introduced me to the other employees working in the company. My mentor introduced me to her as well. She, who had been working there for a last couple of years. She, who had a very peculiar smile although seemed nice. She, whose single thought is enough to suck the life out of me and leave me numb. She, who I never wish to talk about but have to because without her this post is completely incomplete.

In the initial days of my internship, I found her pretty cool and friendly. I was enjoying her company. She used to come to my desk and ask me about my work. And after the work was over, we used to play indoor games. The days were passing by very smoothly when one day….

One day, I was a bit dejected as I was facing some issues while working on my computer. Might be, she noticed that from her desk and came to me.

She – “What’s the problem, Abhinav?”

I – “I am trying to get rid of this pop-up screen. Every time I click to close it, another pop-up comes onto my screen.”

She – “Ohh, let me see it then.”

And before I could move my hand off the mouse, her hand was there. An electric shock surged through my body when she touched me. I was flabbergasted – “Could not she wait for a few more seconds before I could withdraw my hand from the mouse?” I could not stop thinking of that incident for the next few days and stopped talking to her for a while.

A few days later, I felt that she might not have done it intentionally and I too could not avoid her forever as we both were working in the same company. I decided to resume talking to her. If I had the slightest clue of the consequences, I’d never ever had made that decision. That decision turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

I – “Hey!! How are you, SHE (You-know-who)?”

She – “I’m absolutely fine. Long time.  Huh?”

And so we were back on friendly terms. Every thing was going pretty smoothly until one day..

One day, she came to my desk and opened a browser on my computer without even taking my permission. And then the worst happened. She kinda leaned on my chair to type a URL in the browser.  I felt suffocated and wanted to push her back right away.

She – “Dekho naa Abhinav, kuch bhi open nahin ho raha.”

I was like, “WTH I could do then!! Shall I enter into the network cable to find out where the network packet is stuck!!

But I maintained my calmness.

I – “SHE suno, site down hogi.”

She -“Hmmm”

And finally, she moved back. I felt relieved but the relief was not meant for long. She could not restrain herself from making any such insincere advancements in future.

One day when I was walking in a corridor, she came from somewhere and hit me on head. I was like – “Ahhh!! Has she gone crazy!! Saala mujhe bhi dard hota hai, aakhir main bhi insaan hun. If she does that again, she is surely gone.

And one day, the limit was surpassed. She pinched me in my ribs. I was like – “What’s the matter with her?” That pinch hurt me so badly that even a few tears welled out of my eyes. I wanted to kill her but stopped myself. Even I did not say anything to her but decided to discuss the events with someone to find a way out of this problem.

I did not go to the management because I did not want someone to lose the job because of me.

I did not even discuss her with my parents/family because I always knew that my mom would ask me to quit the internship and come back home.

Friends were the only left option. And yeah, I talked to my friends, the friends whom I felt would understand me. Most of the times you don’t get what you really expect. I was shocked to hear the responses from my friends.

Male Friend 1: How does she look like, man!!

Male Friend 2: Don’t tell me – you don’t like her.

Male Friend 3: Are you normal? Are you straight?

Male Friend 4: Ohh, somebody is getting attention!!

None of them took me seriously. More worse came when I talked to my female friends.

Female Friend 1: Do you think you could impress me by making me believe that someone is hitting on you!! (I was like – “Has God created a single girl on this holy earth with a single piece of meat residing at the top of the head, popularly known as BRAIN“)

Female Friend 2: Can we talk about it later? I’ve more serious issues in my life.

I felt completely devastated on hearing my friends’ responses. I went into the deep state of depression sensing that no one could ever sense my problem. Doctors called it “Major Depressive Disorder” but I knew what was it.

It was “SHE-O-PHOBIA”.

P.S. – Song of the Day – “Marzi se jeene ki bhi main, kya tum sabko marzi doon!!” from Rockstar.


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3 Responses to A Silent Victim

  1. Amit Kabra says:

    May be purely coincidental but is Abhinav same as Manish and is Abhinav/Manish still suffering from SHE-O-PHOBIA ?
    I liked the line : “Has God created a single girl on this holy earth with a single piece of meat residing at the top of the head, popularly known as BRAIN”…:)

  2. mksharma009 says:

    Much can’t be revealed to you.
    Certain things are meant to be kept confidential.
    Nice you liked a line. 🙂
    Hope you like the whole post next time. 😉

  3. Mohit says:

    straight boys consider these activities as opportunity not molestation. 😛

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