How I met my Love/r!!

Love – A blissful feeling which “normally” everyone experiences at least once in his/her lifetime.  Love could happen between any two persons who may belong to different races, castes, religions, regions, colors and what not.  And probably is the best thing about love that it knows no boundaries. Here is a story of eternal love which crosses those boundaries, one can’t even think of.

I joined a widely known technical institute in Bengaluru. In spite of it being a well-known institute, I did not want to join it in the first place. I being a “mamma’s” boy always wanted to stay with my family. But since my parents wanted me to focus on my career, they forced me to join the institute and I ended up pursuing higher studies at the institute. At the end of the day, I believe it was destined.

Since most of the time I used to think about my mother and family, I did not focus on my studies. For two consecutive years, I ended up getting bad grades but I had no qualms about them as I just wanted to graduate so that I could go back to my parents. But it did not continue for long. A single day changed everything. It was THE DAY when I started regretting my bad grades. It was THE DAY after which I never wished to graduate soon.  How could I ever forget that day!! It is right there in my mind, imprinted with indelible ink. That day……..

It was the last night of our college’s cultural fest which was going on in the well-lit college’s main ground. I was standing in a queue along with a bunch of my friends at a stall waiting for my “Samosa Chat”. While I was waiting, I started looking around at the cheerful crowd and that’s when my eyes fell on a girl wearing big triple step earrings. I didn’t know why but I had inclination towards girl who wore big earrings. Since she was standing with her back towards me, I could not see her face but her hair. She had done them quite elegantly with those white round pins holding them in a beautiful bun.  She was clad in a lovely orange-white “ghaghra-choli”. I started musing what else did she need to garner someone’s attention. I could not resist myself and came out of the queue to have a look at her face. Since I did not want her to know that I was looking at her, I took the biggest round of the ground and arrived at a point from where I could see her properly without her noticing me.

At times, I feel I should not have done that. I should not have looked at her face but probably, it was the destiny which was pulling me. I could not control myself and landed my eyes on her beautiful face. She was carrying every single equipment present on the mother earth to kill a guy like me, which included, mascara, light orange lipstick etc. I started wondering – “what is she doing in my college?” And then suddenly she started laughing, probably on a joke told by her friend. I don’t remember at all – what happened to me then. I was completely bowled over. I don’t know what struck me but it was not a comfortable feeling. My heart, instead of beating fast, seemed as if it stopped beating. It felt as if the arrow shot by cupid hit right into my heart. I was completely mesmerized by her. I could not see anything but her. And then from nowhere the song started playing-

Tu dharti pe chahe jahan bhi rahegi…

Tujhe teri khushbu se pehchan loonga..

Agar band ho jaayengi meri aankhein..

Tujhe teri dhadkan se pehchan loonga….

Humko tumse pyaar hua hai….

Jeena dushwar hua hai….”

And by the time the song ended, she was not there anymore.  I tried to look her around but she was nowhere to be seen. I came back to my room. And the first thing I did was to look myself in the mirror. I could not compare myself with her but started reiterating lines in my head which my mom used to tell me – “Mera sona beta kinna sona hai.” (My son is the most beautiful)

I could not sleep properly that night as she had taken over me. The very next day, I went up to my friends to learn about her. I told them how she looked. I thought that they might not know about her but I was wrong.

Arey yeh Sonal ki baat kar raha hai….jisne isi saal join kiya hai.”, one of them cried.

“Ohhhhhh”, everyone exclaimed.

“What happened!! Why are you asking about her?”, one of them asked.

Aise hi bas, mujhe achchi lagi.”, I replied.

Achchi to bhai mujhe bhi lagti hai“, two of them shouted in chorus.

Tum kutton ko kaun achchi nahin lagti“, I uttered in my mind.

I wanted to slap both of them right in their faces but controlled my anger and left the place without saying anything aloud. I came back to my room and started thinking about her.

“Ohh…she studies here only!! How could I impress her? If she would come to know of my grades, she won’t even care to look at me? Leave studies, I am not good at sports either. What shall I do to impress her?” All those thoughts took over me.

I did not want to lose her without trying my bit. I came to know of “elocution” competition which was going to be held in the college a few days later. I registered myself for it and started practicing hard for it. I wanted to give it my best shot. I even stopped having meals at times.

The day of competition arrived. I was fully confident that I would not disappoint myself with my performance and hopefully would be able to impress her if she turned up at the venue. My name was called. I went onto the stage with confidence and took a good start. Every one seemed impressed with my speech delivery. My mouth and brain were in sync but my eyes were constantly looking for her in the audience. Finally, I saw her at the door entering the auditorium and that’s when everything in my head started mixing up. I tried to regain the control over my speech but found myself stuck at the word “have”.

“ha….ha…..ha….”, I started stammering.

Everybody started laughing. I did not care about them but when I saw her doing the same, I fell apart. I quickly got down from the stage and rushed to my room. I was deeply shattered as I had ruined my first impression on her. As soon as I entered my room, I closed the door and started crying badly. I did not know what had happened to me but I kept crying the whole day. At night when my friends knocked at my door asking me for dinner, I shooed them away. I was so much upset with me that I started contemplating ways to commit suicide. Finally I decided to go with one but since I was so tired of crying that day, I decided to put it off until next day morning and went to sleep.

To be continued….

P.S. 1. Song of the day – “Itni si hansi……Itni si khushi…..Itna sa tukda chand ka” from Barfi!

P.S. 2. All the characters in this post are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to dead or alive is purely coincidental.


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    bahut time hai sale tere pass

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