I ran

Race is a word everyone is familiar with. It is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life. Our race could be against time, our competitors or even ourselves. Everyone aspires to come first in the end. But no one knows the absolute end. We all just run!!

I too ran a race. It was not any other race, it was so called “Life-Race“. Many were running along with me in the race. I wanted to get better of everyone. I took a good start. I ran hard as much as I could. But still some got ahead of me and some lagged behind. I did not care for those who lagged behind. I cared for the ones who were ahead of me. I increased my pace. Some more lagged behind me. A few others got so tired that they gave up the race and sat beside on a milestone. I looked and sneered at them. While sneering, I kept running. I didn’t halt to waste my time for those losers. I had my goal well-set in my mind. I had to run and come first. I kept running for hours. Eventually, days went by, then months, then years but I still could see some ahead of me. I started panting. I thought to take some rest and resume race. But as and when I reduced my pace to halt, more got ahead of me. Now there were not some but many ahead. I decided against taking any rest. I ran. I ran with increased pace. My skin started wearing out. I grew gray hairs. My lips started drying. My eyesight went hazy. It became quite difficult for me now to even make out how many were still ahead of me. I simply ran. I kept motivating myself. Run Baba Run or others would get ahead of you. I kept running. Suddenly I realized no one around me. I could not see any one ahead or behind me. I decided to stop then. I got off the road and decided to sit on a milestone.

“Probably, I might have reached the finish line.” I talked to myself.

As and when I sat on the milestone to take rest, I saw a young crowd of runners running past and sneering at me. I thought to get up and resume running. But my legs started shaking at the mere thought of getting up, leave running. I had grown too old to get up by then. And suddenly from nowhere, a flood of thoughts overtook my mind:

“Why did I start running at first place?” I asked myself.

“To come first!!” came the reply.

“Really!! How can someone come first in a race which has no finish line. You can stay ahead of others for a time but not for always. That means no one can come first.” I replied to the reply.

“When no one can come first, why are we running??” I asked myself.

“To sneer at losers!!” came the reply.

“Really!! Who is the loser?? Who gave up the race before its completion or who did not come first?? When the race has no completion, everyone has to give it up finally. It proves that all are losers!!” I replied to the reply.

“Really!! Is everyone a loser!!” I asked myself.

“No, Only those who got into this race.” came the reply. 🙂

P.S. Song of the day: “Yuhin kat jaayega safar saath chalne se, ke manzil aayegi nazar saath chalne se” from Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke.


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One Response to I ran

  1. This is an amazing article !! 🙂 🙂 Wow !! 🙂 🙂 Insightful, yet motivating at the same time…
    I read it a few times and will surely come back and read it few times more later. 🙂 🙂

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